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4 Signs You Are in Dire Need of Respite Care

You should definitely consider obtaining respite care if… You are turning impatient. “Hurry up!” and “What’s taking so long?” are two of the rarest phrases you would hear from a family caregiver. However, when a carer has reached a stage of burnout, those words become a common occurrence. But what’s so wrong about expressing words … Continue reading

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Tips That Can Reduce Your Risk for Dementia

Dementia is a condition that can affect anyone, but it primarily affects the elderly. For this reason, it is so important to make sure that you can take the proper tips to reduce your risk for this severe illness when you enter your golden years. Despite the severity of this condition, it is fairly simple … Continue reading

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Helping You and Your Loved Ones Cope with Developmental Disability

Developmental disabilities are long-term, usually severe conditions which are the result of certain diseases or disorders, such as Down syndrome and Rett syndrome. They are a wide, diverse group of chronic conditions that are caused by physical or mental impairments that usually arise during childhood. These disabilities can either have physical or mental effects—usually both. … Continue reading

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Get Back on Track with Renewed Focus from Respite Care

Continuously caring for a recovering loved one can take its toll on all family members and primary caregivers. You need to take a break and a step away from this responsibility or risk getting over fatigued from all the care you are providing. If new mothers need to take a breather from constantly looking after … Continue reading

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Is Your Aging Parent Refusing Home Care Assistance? 4 Expert Tips to Consider

More often than not, hiring in-home care is not a popular choice for seniors, even with their desire to stay at home. Seniors often express that outside help is unnecessary since they can take care of themselves. Oftentimes, seniors see hiring a caregiver as an invasion of privacy and a threat to their independence. If … Continue reading

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