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4 Ways Older Adults Can Keep Their Skin Protected

4 Ways Older Adults Can Keep Their Skin Protected

Our skin doesn’t just affect the way we look. Actually, it also serves as our first line of defense against harmful organisms that are able to cause an infection in our body.

With these in mind, it’s only fair that we should take better care of our skin. Even more so for senior adults, because they are at a higher risk of experiencing skin dryness, itching, delayed healing, and developing other skin problems (as a complication from their health conditions).

So, how exactly can your older family members take better care of their skin? Gateway Healthcare Services LLC has prepared a short list of suggestions that should give you an idea on what to do:

  1. Supplement their diet.
    That’s right! The food they eat can actually influence how well their skin looks. If you want your senior loved one to have skin that is more resilient against possible skin damage and bruises, then you should consider enriching their diet with Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Together, these vitamins work hand in hand to improve the integrity of tissues and boost the natural healing process of wounds too.
  2. Drink their fill of water.
    In a day, how many glasses of water does your senior loved one take? Not drinking enough water in a day can cause one’s skin to feel dry. If you’ve observed that they’re drinking too little, you can boost their hydration by serving their meals with drinks, adding soups to their daily menu, or simply by serving them fresh slices of fruit. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you and your elderly parent or grandparent.
  3. Wash their body sparingly.
    We all understand how important it is to stay hygienic. However, bathing excessively can cause an older adult’s skin to dry out and even get injured. So what’s a more preferable solution? Set a spaced routine for showering or bathing instead. Also, make sure that the water your senior loved one uses isn’t too hot to prevent burns from happening. Would you like assistance in keeping your older family member hygienic the right way? We’d be glad to provide you with healthcare services in Virginia.
  4. Manage their stress levels.
    High amounts of stress can affect how well their skin looks too. If, as of late, your senior loved one has been a bit overwhelmed by certain things at home, try to give them a hand. Even small favors go a long way. It won’t just help them improve their skin condition and their health, but it can also strengthen the bond that you both share.

For added assistance with personal care for your senior loved one, you can always consider connecting with a home care service provider in Fairfax, Virginia. It will benefit not just the older members of your family, but you as well.

If you’d like to know more about the service, call us!

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