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About the Prader Willi Syndrome

About the Prader Willi Syndrome

Prader Willi Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that brings many physical, mental, and behavioral problems. A prominent symptom is a constant feeling of hunger that typically starts at about 2 years of age.

Children with this disorder tend to want to eat constantly due to hyperphagia – never feeling full. This results in trouble maintaining weight, obesity, and other health complications that come with it.

Although this disorder is rare, we at Gateway Healthcare Services LLC still want to shed some light on this topic so our clients will be able to identify the signs and get treatment while it’s still early.

Aside from the constant desire to eat, here are other symptoms that you should look out for:

  • Poor muscle tone – the baby may seem floppy or rag-doll like when carried.
  • Poor suckling reflex – with poor muscle mass, the baby will have a difficult time lifting their own arm to suckle on his/her thumb.
  • Distinct facial features – children with Prader Villi Syndrome are born with almond-shaped eyes, narrowing of the head at the temples, a down-turned mouth, and really thin upper lips.
  • Poor responsiveness – the baby may seem unusually tired, have difficulty in waking up, and have a weak cry.
  • They have underdeveloped genitals.

If you spot most of these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. For children who are diagnosed with this disorder, parents might want to look into a home care service provider in Fairfax, Virginia.

Getting extra help from nursing assistants will ensure the successful treatment of your child as well as make the journey to recovery a bit more bearable.

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