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Some Brain Functions That Improve With Age

Some Brain Functions That Improve With Age
Along with aging come cognitive changes, such as mild forgetfulness. It is a normal part of getting old as older adults usually take longer to remember a fact or learn a new skill. However, some may possess risks to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

But not all brain functions decline with age. This is the good news that aging adults must keep in mind. Cognitive skills that require constant practice, such as comprehending or understanding and using language, are usually well preserved. This led researchers to wonder whether some cognitive skills may improve with age.

In a study recently conducted, it was shown that increasing age was associated with slower response times and lesser alertness to incoming information. However, the ability to orient attention toward different objects was found to be increased in the senior subjects being studied. They were also better at ignoring distractions than younger subjects.

But for seniors who have severe memory loss, assistance was always found to be very helpful. Nursing assistants or caregivers who help them go through their daily tasks improved their condition and mood.

While people assume that attention and executive functions decline with age, critical elements of these abilities do actually improve during aging because of consistent practice throughout life. These improvements may have benefits for higher-level cognitive abilities, such as long-term memory and decision making. But one should also start living a healthy lifestyle. Avail of our healthcare services in Virginia if you need advice on this.

But it is also wise to accept the limitations that come with aging. Call Gateway Healthcare Services LLC today if you are looking for a home care service provider in Fairfax, Virginia.

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