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Open the Windows and Let Fresh Air in


In this modernized era of technology and media, we often forget the importance of breathing fresh air. A lot of urban communities have utilized vacant lots for a new commercial complex or building, taking away precious greenery in their area. A lot of airborne diseases are often passed around by the same air circulating inside an enclosed space that gets breathed in and out by the people staying in that area over a period of time. This is how deadly indoor air is and it can even be 5x dirtier than outside air.

Poor air quality levels have been linked to a number of reported health conditions such as asthma, autism in children, heart disease, and even stroke in adults. Polluted air need not come from car fumes and factory smokes. More often and quite unexpectedly, these are attributed by dirty air conditioners, varnishes, and paints inside the house, mold and mildew pile up on appliances that have gathered dust from neglect and of course, human dead skin cells that land on our floors that do not get vacuumed or cleaned.

Our healthcare services in Fairfax, Virginia have been designed to promote healthy lifestyles in families and by breathing good air at home you help them stay away from bad air diseases.

  • Open the Windows

    We often get so scared of opening the windows because we might let bad air in, but contrary to belief, letting a good breeze pass through our homes will let the indoor air out and help circulate new air back in. This also helps remove indoor odors that have mixed up with all other things gases and dust that have nowhere else to go but around the house. Stop inhaling recycled air and start breathing new, clean and fresh air. This will do wonders to your loved ones.

  • Deep Clean Your Home

    At least once a year, get a good deep clean routine done to prevent any mold or mildew build-up on the sides of furniture and walls. This stops bacteria growth from proliferating right in its path. This will also positively improve the health of your loved one who needs to receive non-medical home care service in Fairfax, Virginia.

  • Get Rid of Clutter

    Unnecessary items lying around the house will only collect dust and have more room for mites and other microorganisms that will soon find shelter in your home. Prevent this from happening by overhauling your personal possessions and keeping only what is important.

Do not let indoor sickness get the better of you. Open the windows and let fresh air in. For anything and everything wellness, Gateway Healthcare Services LLC is on standby to take on your concerns.

Do you have further tips for allowing clean air in your home? Share them at the comment section!

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