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Reading and Its Benefits to Senior Patients


Healthy aging is not limited to tending to your physical health; mental health is also a factor that largely affects your quality of life. To keep your cognitive skills functional, different activities could stimulate your mind, and reading is on top of that list. Studies have proven that there are always benefits to a good read, so flipping pages is not a waste of time, especially if you let your imagination wander.

Gateway Healthcare Services LLC has outlined the different benefits of a good reading habit:

  • Helps Cope With Loneliness

    Elder adults often suffer anxiety, stress, and loneliness on most days, and by reading, they can take their minds off things for a while. A novel could have an impact on its reader’s emotions, which we highly encourage since senior patients tend to feel empty. Our nursing assistants see this as a way to provide companionship.

  • It Can Help Sharpen Decision-Making Skills

    Since the elderly have more restrictions, they become reliant on others in deciding what’s best for them. Our home care service provider in Fairfax, Virginia values our patient’s chance at independent living, so we promote reading since constant brain stimulation improves their fluid intelligence. We hand out different reading materials like newspapers, novels, and journals, so they’re constantly challenged.

  • Assist You with Your Sleeping Problems

    Senior patients are often susceptible to insomnia, which can be caused by psychiatric conditions or their medications. An organic way of helping our patients deal with sleeping difficulties is developing a healthy sleeping habit by reading at night.

To help you indulge in activities that will help in maintaining a sound mind and body, our healthcare services in Virginia are here to provide optimal care and create a relaxing environment for you.

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