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The Benefits of Staying Hydrated


The body is composed of about 60 percent of water. Experts say you can survive for days without food as long as you drink water. And that is how essential it is in people’s lives.

Men should consume about 16 cups of liquid, while women need 12 cups. It could either be plain water or flavor mixes. And people need to drink enough water every day to get the following benefits:

  • Regulate body temperature
  • Promote proper organ function
  • Deliver nutrients to every cell
  • Lubricate joints via the synovial fluid
  • Flush away body wastes through sweat and urine

Aside from those, we also need water for infection and disease prevention, proper digestion, and cognitive function for better focus and concentration. It is also a natural anti-aging treatment – it prevents wrinkles and keeps skin fresh, soft, and smooth.

Eight cups can be a reasonable goal, but it is ideal to consume what our bodies individually need. And you will know that, as the body will send you a signal via thirst. While nursing assistants can determine it for a patient through urine color and amount.

A home care service provider in Fairfax, Virginia, needs to ensure that a patient stays away from sugary drinks because these are not good for the health and will only cause more health issues.

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