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Benefits of an In-Home Companion for Your Senior Loved Ones

A healthy and happy life for seniors entails proper diet and nutrition, a good amount of sleep and exercise, and, of course, having a stress-free lifestyle. However, did you know that your elderly loved ones can greatly benefit from having a companion in their day-to-day life? Even with the right healthcare services in Fairfax Virginia, … Continue reading

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Mental Health: How To Keep The Brain Active Among Seniors

Your mind is as important as your body. What you put into your thoughts, your emotional well-being, and everything in between greatly contributes to your overall health. As you grow old, your health may decline and it can greatly affect the way you think and go through life. Cultivating your mental health can help you … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s: Why Early Diagnosis is Important

Alzheimer’s disease is considered as the most common form of dementia which is characterized by memory loss and decline of cognitive abilities. This ailment can gradually worsen over time and consequently interfere one’s daily life. Generally, individuals above 65 years of age are the ones primarily affected by Alzheimer’s disease. EARLY SIGNS OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE … Continue reading

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