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Intellectual Disabilities: Challenges at Home


People with disabilities face challenges at home that may affect their lives, including people with intellectual disabilities. The challenges people with intellectual disabilities may face may depend on their condition and its severity. It can also affect how they maintain personal care.

As a home care service provider in Virginia, we aim to provide care for everyone who struggles at home, including people with intellectual disabilities. They deserve to have independence and comfort at home. If you have a loved one with an intellectual disability, these are the challenges they may face at home:

  • Communication Barriers

    People with intellectual disabilities face communication barriers that affect how they express their needs at home. It can impact the quality of care they receive at home. It is a good option to rely on home health services that help identify the needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

  • Limited Independence

    People with intellectual and developmental disabilities may experience limited independence at home. Limited independence can affect their way of living and their ability to manage tasks at home, such as household responsibilities. It can also make them more frustrated if they cannot be independent at home.

  • Family Caregiver Burnout

    Caregiving someone with intellectual disability can be demanding. Family members who take care of their loved ones with intellectual disability can experience burnout. Thus, family caregivers need to rely on healthcare services in Fairfax, Virginia, to seek temporary caregiving services.

You and your loved one with intellectual disability can surpass any challenges at home. If you need home care services to improve living conditions, contact us at Gateway Healthcare Services LLC. We can help your loved one be independent at their home.

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