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Uncommon Signs of Depression in Seniors


Depression is relatively common among older adults and seniors. Although it can affect individuals of any age, it can often go undiagnosed and untreated in senior citizens. Common causes of depression in seniors include isolation and loneliness, which can be addressed with companion services.

Signs of depression in seniors can manifest in a variety of ways. Some signs can be less apparent than others. We offer home health services, and here are some uncommon signs of depression in seniors you may not have known about:

  • Hypochondria

    Seniors with depression may become excessively worried about their health, constantly seeking medical attention for minor issues. Seniors can cope with depression and hypochondria by seeking a support system, exercising regularly, and maintaining social connections.

  • Sleeping Too Much

    Some seniors cope with depression by oversleeping. They may spend much of their time throughout the day in bed and still complain about fatigue or being tired. Insomnia or lack of sleep can also be a sign of depression in seniors. We offer healthcare services in Fairfax, Virginia, to assist seniors at home with their activities, promoting comfort, independence, and health while reducing the risks of depression and anxiety.

  • Increased Sensitivity to Rejection

    Seniors experiencing depression may become hypersensitive to rejection and criticism. This can be apparent when they take things personally and react strongly to social slights or minor inconveniences.

We are a home care service provider in Virginia that can assist seniors aging at home with their daily living activities and more. For more information, feel free to call Gateway Healthcare Services LLC at 703-462-8725.


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