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How to Have Meaningful Talks with a Senior Person

How to Have Meaningful Talks with a Senior Person

Conversations are essential in spending quality time with another person. However, we may have this notion that talking with our aging loved ones is difficult. We may think that nothing we will ever say can entertain them or merit their attention. As a home care service provider in Fairfax, Virginia, we say that can’t be further from the truth.

Our aging family members enjoy having someone to talk with. The key is for us to engage them with our full attention. By doing so, we will achieve the goal of having meaningful talks with seniors.

Here are some techniques to help you achieve fruitful and rewarding time when talking with an elderly loved one.

  • Truly Listen
    We always listen when someone is talking to us. Yet, listening to another person requires our full attention. This means, not fiddling on our mobile phones while they’re saying something, looking at them with focus, and interacting at the right cues. When you are with your aging family member, truly listen to them so your conversations can be meaningful. Turning off your phone won’t hurt for a few hours, will it?
  • Speak in Clear Words
    To enjoy your conversations together, speak in a clear manner. When they ask you something, answer in ways that they can hear with clarity. While not all seniors have hearing difficulties, it will be respectful on our part not to ask us for clarification. This is a principle we also apply when we provide healthcare services in Virginia especially when we’re serving seniors.
  • Accept Differences
    Our aging loved ones have already reached a point when their life principles have already been settled. There are fewer things you can persuade them with. So if there are principles or values that you disagree with, just recognize that you are different from each other. This acceptance can reduce arguments and help improve your time together.
  • Give No Advice
    Similar to the previous item, our aging family members already have established insights and opinions. So it will be disrespectful on our end to contradict them or advise them on these things. Unless they ask your personal view on something, don’t give advice without being solicited.
  • Empathize
    Try putting yourself in the shoes of your elderly loved one. This empathy can help you find the right words to say in a way that can be uplifting and encouraging to your beloved senior. When you empathize, you also reduce the levels of frustration that may arise when either of the party feels misunderstood.

Indeed, quality conversations can be uplifting and empowering. For our aging loved ones, meaningful talks can boost their mental health. So let’s do our best to make our every conversation meaningful. At Gateway Healthcare Services LLC, we have nursing assistants who can help you maintain the quality life of your elderly members. If you’re curious about our services, feel free to inquire today.

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