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Tips to Help an Elderly Person Sleep Well

 Tips to Help an Elderly Person Sleep Well

The right amount of sleep remains to be an essential need for an aging person. Yet, sleeping patterns can also change as a person gets older. This is a normal expectation for any person reaching the senior years. So, is it still possible for our elderly family members to sleep well?

With the right help and habit, yes they can. As a home care service provider in Fairfax, Virginia, we share these tips so that you can assist your loved one to sleep better at home.

  • Recognize Sleep Changes
    It is important that our senior loved ones recognize that their sleeping patterns have already changed. Once they have realized this fact, they will be able to adapt to the changes with a peaceful heart. By then, they can start with new sleep patterns that are conducive to their new phase in life.
  • Get a Doctor’s Checkup
    However, there are also sleep changes caused by illnesses. When your aging loved one lacks a good amount of sleep due to physical, emotional, or psychological pain, take them to the doctor. The doctor will prescribe treatments or therapies so they can attain the ideal sleep goal for their age.
  • Monitor Medications
    Most seniors are taking more than one medication in a day. This situation causes physical side effects that include dizziness that prevents quality sleep. With help from a nursing assistant, be knowledgeable about your loved one’s medications. Know which ones cause side effects so that you can request for the replacement of these meds.
  • Establish Sleep Routine
    Your aging loved one may also be following through routines every day. Yet, these routines may keep them from having good sleep. Review their daily routines so that you can integrate their sleeping schedule in the process. Ensure that quality of sleep is part of their daily activities.
  • Stick to Bedtime Hour
    Along with following through sleep routines, it can also help when our seniors stick to their bedtime hours. Even if they don’t feel like sleeping yet, assist them to their beds so they can at least lie down. When they stick to this habit at a specific hour, their sleeping habits can improve.
  • Fix their Bedroom
    Implement changes in their bedrooms as well so this can be conducive to their sleep. Aides providing healthcare services in Virginia can help you in setting their room. Dim the lights in their room. Play some calming music. These things can be helpful to entice them to sleep.

Quality sleep is essential in one’s overall wellbeing. For that reason, our team at Gateway Healthcare Services LLC works with you in ensuring that your elderly family member can sleep better at home. We provide you the assistance you need so that they can end the day refreshed and feeling stronger.

We hope you have learned something for today’s set of tips! If you also have inquiries about our services, do contact us.

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